Saturday, November 21, 2009


so I'm taking tennis lessons. before this I never really had that much of an interest in tennis. sometimes I watched it on TV but mostly I never really paid much attention to it. that has changed. before tennis I was taking karate. I didn't like it that much so I switched over to tennis, the first day was really fun and cool. it was so much more easy then baseball but still challenging. I'm having another lesson tomorrow and I'm really looking forward to it. and I feel like I'm doing something that can get me somewhere in life. Ive learned all the grips and stuff and I hope to get better at it as time goes by.


walmart sells hooker shirts?

Dads who dress there five years old girls up as hookers. The other day I saw a little girl walking with here dad she was wearing lipstick, eye liner, skinny jeans and big ass earings. she looked like a seventeen year old sl**. why would a dad do that? unless the girl herself decided to dress like that because she watches too much miley cyrus. I don't know. In other news my cat can talk! hahah click here to understand that .
So I went to walmart on a Saturday which is the worst day of the week to go because thats when everyone goes to poison there minds and shop for miley cyrus's clothing line of clothes that make you looke like a five year old stripper. my sister says that a whole quarter of the women section in walmart was miley cyrus shirts. do grown women even watch miley's show or listen to here music? which she likes to rewrite the words to randomly (more on that here) my little sister says that if she had different parents and was raised differently she might like miley cyrus.
anyway- I go to try on some pants in the "mens" dressing room, I don't see why the need different gender dressing rooms, is there any fucking difference? so I go to the "mens" dressing room(wtf) and the women at the key place says "no, thats the mens room" ex-fuckin-scuse me? of course I'm used to that sort of thing but at my school all the guys have long hair. whenever someone makes the mistake of calling me a girl I look at them in a very pissed-off expression and say "I'm a guy." (then breath loudly and proceed to cussing them out- never mind) so back to the dressing room story. of course my mom has to correct her. she makes up the excuse: "oh my, I'm sorry, its been a long day." its fucking three pm! and of course we know that she only said that to hide the fact that she thinks all boys have short hair. she's probably one of the grown women who watches miley cyrus then goes out to buy her shirts then watch and listen WHILE wearing a shirt. what the fuck is this world coming to? if you look at the teen crowd you'll see that most of them have mildly long hair. and you see the ones who used to have long hair but their mothers made them cut it short because they watch to much miley cyrus. I don't know why I'm blaming everything on miley cyrus and her stripper franchise. of course so many people hate miley cyrus that she probably doesn't care anymore. the one thing she does good is hate twilight but as soon as she gets hired to co-star she'll be the biggest twilight whore ever. haha ok thats about it.
-Rory Gregory
(while burning down the miley cyrus section)

you fail at screwing people over.

So, a women and her friends go out to eat, finish eating, don't pay, drive away, forget there purse and wallet. restaurant owners call the cops, the crook comes BACK for her wallet, here's the best part, they don't notice the cops waiting for them.
Who the fuck is so stupid they forget all there personnel things (ID, money etc.) then come back for it, after robbing the place? you douchbag!
If your gonna screw over a restaurant plan it out first! also the article said that it was a mexican restaurant which is kind of piontless since it has nothing to do with the story. as I'm writing this I'm getting ready to go to walmart which as everyone knows is the root of all evil. having franchise deals with Miley Cyrus and Disney alone qualify's them for that but there is so much more.

Thats all that mattered to me on that subject.

The Men Who Stare At Goats Movie Review

The Men Who Stare At Goats was a great funny/action packed movie. (my favorite kind) It starred Ewan McGregor, George Clooney, and Jeff Bridges. I really like McGregor and Bridges but I don't know that much about Clooney. (although he was pretty good)
The story of the movie is this: Bob Wilton(McGregor) is a journalist who has just had his wife divorce him for his editor. He flies to Iraq to get a good story while his (ex) wife thinks he's actually a soldier. while in Kuwait Bob meets Lynn Cassidy(Clooney) and remembers that a few months ago he interviewed a man who claimed to be a retired physic spy or remote viewer. the man tells him that Lyn, nicknamed "Skip" was the best of the best. while talking to Skip he sees his name tag: "Lyn Cassidy". He says "Your Lyn Cassidy.." soon thet get into a conversation about remote viewing and such. Bob asks Lyn if he could write a story about this. Lyn says absolutely not. They end up driving through the desert and Bob learns all sorts of things about "The New Earth Army Battalion" tons of crazy things happen on the way to... wherever there going. I can't tell you to much about the movie so you'll have to go see it yourself.
You can watch the trailer HERE.

My advice would be to definitely go see this movie or rent it when it comes out on dvd or blu ray (personally i think blue ray is full of shit but i remember when people were hyping DVDs. but seriously, who wants to online chat on the same sceen as the movie? whatever... I ran into a Tv guy recently though and I asked if HDTV was really that great and he said "yes." I think the pay him to say that though...)
Anyways thats all i have to say about this movie and I hope that you go see it.


by the way this movie is rated R for some reason, they say fuck like three times. I don't know. it could of been rated PG-13.. yeah.